For those interested and who feel a call to bring this process to your parish here are some first steps.  Your pastor must approve this process. While it is for the laity and given by the laity the process will not survive without your pastors support. When you contact the National Office you will learn in greater detail how and why this is accomplished.

Below is a brief description of what you can expect.

Christ Renews His Parish can be described in four parts:

  1. A person begins by experiencing a weekend:  take the next step in your spiritual journey.
  2. Then becomes part of a team: adult faith formation, preparation, and catechesis.
  3. Next, host the next weekend: present weekend for next group, authentic experience of lay ministry in the parish with a renewed spirit.
  4. Finally, search for the Lord’s call to what comes next in one’s life:  Sends people into service ministries in the parish, community and diocese.

When someone completes this process, they can truly be called parishioner.  A parishioner who is alive in a new and deeper relationship with God. Most past participants go on to be a greater part of parish life.  A few participants go on to coordinate this ministry under the authority of the pastor, thus lessening any addition to the task list of an already hard working pastor.

The process requires assistance from outside the parish to start.  Once this parish renewal  process has started, it continues using parishioners only. A number of dioceses have established renewal offices to coordinate Christ Renews his Parish within their diocese.   Christ Renews His Parish is coordinated nationally by a volunteer group of lay people. The national office does not receive any financial subsidy or support from any publisher, diocese or religious order.

This process is designed for Catholic parishes and/or sacramental/liturgical churches.  It works best in parishes with a reasonable number of members.  It is not associated with any particular school of spirituality nor mode of prayer.  Christ Renews His Parish is based on the Word of God and Sacrament & utilizes much prayer, scripture, liturgy, and sharing.  It operates in a parish under the authority of the pastor and the bishop.

There is a one-time licensing fee.  Once the licensing fee is paid, handbooks may be ordered.  Handbooks are owned by the parish and are passed from team to team, thus eliminating the need to purchase more handbooks for each new team.  Each team member must have a handbook to read and be a part of the adult faith formation after the weekend. Everything takes place in the parish, reducing other direct costs.

For information on obtaining Christ Renews His Parish materials in Spanish click on the link below.

CRSP International